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Trimble CrewSight RFID Badges-Qty 500

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Keep your jobsite secure, and make sure your employees are safe and accounted for every day with CrewSight RFID employee badges. BuildingPoint SouthEast offers these badges in bulk so you can use them for your entire team.

Using RFID Technology on the Job

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows you to wirelessly transfer data using radio waves. This technology has several jobsite applications — including employee badges. You can use these badges on their own as a way to let employees enter your jobsite or as part of your overall strategy for time tracking, productivity and compliance.

CrewSight RFID Employee Badges

CrewSight is a line of job access control software from Trimble, an industry leader in construction field technology. These RFID employee badges can help you to ensure only authorized team members are able to access your jobsite.

CrewSight RFID employee badges have a variety of benefits for any jobsite, including:

  • Lower costs: RFID badges allow you to reduce the resources and manpower you would normally dedicate to security. You can also reduce costs for labor tracking and compliance measures, as the badge allows you to collect that data easily.
  • Higher productivity: Your team has better ways to spend their time than handling paperwork. Automating safety and security tasks with the use of RFID badges frees up time and reduces the risk of human error.
  • Reduced liability: RFID badges make it easy for you to organize your workforce data, so there’s less of a risk for compliance issues with government and owner mandates.

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